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I Love Custom Orders!

I’ve been a busy bee preparing custom orders lately. It’s a learning experience for me. For example, don’t buy specialty yarn until the customer has committed to buying the order. And, it might help to have color swatches available. Do you know how many shades of purple there are? My goodness!

Also, I love giving my projects little finishing touches. For these pink and black bridal barefoot sandals, I added some sweet pink ribbon rosettes with faux rhinestones and faux pearls. I started by designing my own ten petaled flower, but it didn’t quite fit, so I found a lovely free pattern here. Thank you Ska Mama! This is now my favorite flower!


I love learning new patterns and stitches, and custom orders are allowing me to grow and develop my crocheting skills more each day! Keep ’em coming! I love custom orders!


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