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Zip, Zip, WIP

Above: The bottom of the zipper pouch. It is worked from the bottom up.

Below: the finished crocheted fabric of the zippered pouch, folded in half, as it will be in the completed project. I am now stitching a second pouch in the same colors, only with the darker color as the middle stripe.

20130818-205502.jpgFor you non-crafters, WIP stands for Work-In-Progress. As a full time teacher, it seems that I get enough acronyms in my life that I really don’t need more, but writing WIP does save time, so there it is.

This, my friends, is not a washcloth. (Although I think it would make a nice one.). It will become a lined zipper pouch. It is made from 100% soft cotton worsted weight yarn, and crocheted in single stitch. I’m not using a pattern, so I’m going to make a few notes to myself right now. Technically, I guess you could say I’m writing the pattern as I go. I’m planning on making two matching pouches, so it will help to have the pattern handy to refer to.

Zippered Pouch Pattern

Finished size: 4″ x 6″ (This pattern can easily be adapted to any rectangular size.)

Materials: size G 4.25 mm hook, scrap cotton yarn, such as peaches and cream, (approx 50g), one 7″ zipper, fabric for lining, yarn needle, needle, and thread.

Color a: soft brown (Sugar ‘n Cream 01130)
Color b: medium brown
Color c: camel (Peaches and Cream 89)

Note: When I make these again, I will choose a different width. When I took the custom order, I didn’t realize that zippers generally come in 5″ or 7″ lengths. So, I’ll need to shorten the zipper. I obviously haven’t worked very much with zippers!

Another note: Do not crochet the stuff in parenthesis. It is just there so you can double check your work at the end of each row.

Row 1: with color a, chain 24 (23 stitches)

Row 2: Turn. Single crochet in second chain from hook. single crochet in back loop only across. (23 stitches)

Row 3-9: Turn. Chain 1. single crochet (in both loops here and throughout) across. Fasten off by chaining one, cutting the yarn, and pulling yarn through the loop to create a knot. (23 stitches)

Change colors.

Row 10: Turn. With color b, slip stitch in the first single crochet, single crochet in the same stitch. Single crochet across. Fasten off. (23 stitches)

Switch colors.

Row 11: Turn, with color c, slip stitch on the first single crochet, single crochet in the same stitch. Single crochet across.(23 stitches)

Row 12-18: Turn. Chain 1 (turning stitch). Single crochet across. (23 stitches)

Fasten off.

Change colors.

Row 19: turn. with color B, slip stitch in the first single crochet, single crochet in the same stitch. Single crochet across.(23 stitches)

Fasten off.

Change colors.

Row 20-21: Turn. Chain 1 (turning stitch). Single crochet across. (23 stitches)

Other side: turn project: repeat row 2-21, work in the other side (now the back loop only) of the initial chain.


Cut fabric 5″x13″. Hem fabric 1/2″ all the way around. Sew zipper to fabric, making sure to leave the handle end of the zipper accessible on one end. As you will be shortening the zipper on the other end.

To Shorten the zipper, sew over the edge you want to shorten several times. Cut the zipper off 1/2″ below the sewed section. If it is really close, y don’t have to cut the zipper, just hide the edge in the lining.

Unzip the zipper and pin the lining fabric to the crocheted piece, wrong side to wrong side. Sew the two pieces together.

Finally, use yarn to whipstitch the sides of the pouch together. secure both ends with double knots. Use a yarn needle to hide the yarn ends. Test the zipper to make sure everything fits together nicely.

Enjoy your new zipper pouch!

Remember, WIP. But if you want this WIP pattern, copy it now. Because I might take it off the site and try to sell it once it is complete and tested.


Above: pouch crocheting is done. Next step is to add fabric liner and zipper.

Below: really, these aren’t washcloths. But wouldn’t they make nice washcloths? The picture is of both pouches open. They really are the same size. The angle of the camera just makes one appear larger. If I remember, I’ll take some better pictures tomorrow.



Baby Blanket

It is spring break, so I have a chance to work on a baby blanket for one of my friends who is having a baby.  I’m using double crochet, and looping through the stitch below so it has a bit of  a lacy look to it.  I’m using the Bernat Baby Coordinates in the light blue and the blue.  Hopefully I’ll remember to take a picture when I’m done to post here.

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Rose Pillowcases

Rose Pillowcases for My Grandmother-in-law

Rose Pillowcases for My Grandmother-in-law

I used the colors listed in the package this time.  I think it is DMC 441 and DMC 702.  At first the red seemed too bright, but then when they are all done, I like how it turns out.

I wish I knew how to make lace with a crochet hook for the edges.  But I don’t have a crochet hook that small.  I wonder if you can use embroidery floss to make lace.

I also wish that I had a washer and dryer in my home to wash out the pattern on these pillowcases.  Usually, I give them to my friend who washes them for me.  Or I hand wash them and let them dry.  Unfortunately, the icy roads are preventing me from driving to my friend’s house, and the cold weather would prevent the pillowcases from drying.  Fortunately, I’m going to my mom’s house before to my in-laws, so Christmas Eve, I’ll borrow her washer and dryer to finish this Christmas present.

Ho ho ho!


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