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Custom Crochet


on August 5, 2013

This week’s project is a set of six crocheted washcloths. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so it took me a while to come up with the pattern I liked and to answer a few questions.

Here are the answers I found.

• A washcloth is for the bathroom, a dishcloth is for the kitchen. They can be the same size, but some prefer dishcloths to be bigger because they use them to dry dishes. Now growing up, I believe I called that a dish towel, and we used something called a dish-rag to actually clean the dishes. Maybe now the “rag” has been replaced with “dish-scrubber”… I don’t know.

• Washcloths can be smaller, especially for children and the elderly who might have trouble wringing out larger cloths. Online in Etsy stores, I found sizes ranging from 6″ square to 10″ square. Size is subjective and personal. It is important to remember that these thick washcloths will shrink because the are made from 100% cotton. In stores like Target, it seems like the more expensive the washcloth, the larger it was. I settled on 8-1/2” squares.

• Crochet often starts at one end with a chain of yarn for an edge. It is difficult to make all edges the exact same on such a small project if you start on one side. So I chose a pattern that starts in the center and works it’s way out.

Here’s number one!


I decided on $5 per cloth or 3 for $12. Let me know if you need some!


One response to “Scrub-a-Dub-Dub

  1. Bet says:

    Like you I grew up washing dishes with a dish-rag and drying them with a dish towel. We used wash cloths in the bathroom. This is a cute pattern! I hope you sell a bunch. I actually need to make more for my home because I wear ’em out quickly. 😀

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