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Update on Wisteria Wedding Quilt

on May 17, 2008

Today I took the time to cut out squares for my brother’s Wisteria Wedding Quilt. I am so grateful for all of my swap-bot online friends that have sent me fabric for the quilt. This is what I have listed on my swap-bot profile, and I thought I would share it here as well in case anyone would care to do a private swap with me to help me with the quilt.

I’m in search of quality 100% cotton fabric for my brother’s wedding quilt. I don’t want more than 10 squares of each fabric, and I need 1200 squares all together. The colors I am using are green, violet, brown, and gold. I am using all shades of colors in his wisteria wedding quilt.

The squares need to be 3-1/2 inches before piecing. (I would love pre-cut squares.) I am looking for 1/8 yard pieces, 1/4 yard pieces, or fat quarters in these colors.

I am willing to do private swaps of other fabrics to make this happen. Ask me for what you want, and I will see if I have it. Many of you have already sent me fabric–thank you so much. It is great knowing that love from all over the world is going into this gift.

As of 5/17/08 this is what I have/need:
Gold Accents I have 18squares/I need 82 squares

Medium Gold 40/60

Dark Gold 30/70

Light Brown/Tan 50/50

Medium Brown 36/64

Dark Brown 30/70

Light Lavender 20/80

Medium Lavender 30/70

Dark Lavender 20/80

Light Green 36/64

Medium Green 24/76

Dark Green 50/50

Thank you for thinking about it.  I am enjoying all of the different fabrics! You can comment here about a swap or email me at



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